July 02, 2018



So Why Are They The Bees Knees?

You're right.

You intuitively know that Dash Cams are the way forward, you suspect a myriad of benefits and before you invest in our incredible technology, you've decided to really appreciate all of the amazing advantages on offer.

So let me do the work for you.

1. How To Become A Driving Expert With Only Positive Feedback!

Everybody knows that improving their driving skills would be an amazing plus in their lives and they'd love to find a relaxed way to do it, wouldn't they?

You probably already know this, the thing that holds us back, so often, is the hypercritical approach taken by others as they're evaluating. You know you're a good driver and you can see just how important constant improvement is.

Having a dash cam is a life changer, you can view your own driving record, analyze it and improve on it in a way that boosts and supports the amazing skills you already have.

2. Finally, A Way To Demonstrate Just How Good Your Driving Really Is.

Rare, thinking people like you, can see how phenomenal this benefit is, indeed it's a major reason you're ready to buy one of our dash cams. Because you can record your driving as you drive, you can prove your ability beyond doubt.

3. Major Breakthrough In Driving Safety.

Which one secret can take our driving skills to the next level?

Dash cams show us how bad and dangerous other drivers can be, it's through the near accidents (the ones we notice when playing back our videos) we take our awareness to another level. This is a major breakthrough in driving safety and a wonderful tool for us to use when tweaking our driving skills further.

4. Attention Everyone Who's Been In A Car Accident!


Just picture being able to leap past the blame game that so often follows road accidents. Imagine being liberated from the accusations and criticisms, giving you time to focus on your recovery and self-confidence. That's so beneficial, isn't it?

5. Wanted - Drivers Who Support Honesty And Fairness.

Can you imagine being able to stop dishonest 'hit and run' drivers in their tracks?

Feels good, doesn't it?

For some discerning drivers, owning a dash cam that can record the license plate, make and type of vehicle that drives into them and drives away, makes our dash cams worth their weight in gold.

6. Dash Cams Keep Parked Cars Safe.

You know you've got to go into town and leave your car unattended in a public place. Your vehicle is open to all sorts of abuse and danger which may feel out of your control.

Safe Parking - Dash Cams

It could be scraped by a car parking next to, in front of or behind yours. 

Worse still, it could be vandalized.

No more!

When you buy your battery operated dash cam, you'll have video evidence of any unfortunate parking misdemeanors visited upon you.

7. Introducing The Antidote To Drivers Who Run Red Lights.

Do you remember seeing that driver jump those lights?

Do you remember your heart being in your mouth, desperately praying no-one would be hurt?

Imagine if you'd had a dash cam that'd recorded the whole incident.

Imagine if you could have improved the safety of so many people by stopping one more idiot from driving.

Well, you can - act right now!

8. Wanted, Safe Drivers For Dangerous Times

Can you recall what the fear of road rage feels like?

Have you experienced angry drivers threatening your physical and psychological safety?

Of course, you have.

As you're reading these words, you begin to find yourself envisioning how much better and safer our roads would be if we removed this scourge.

You know it makes sense, don't you?

9. Introducing A Remedy For All Of Those Shenanigans

Those games of motor chicken with motorcycles and cars.

Those bicycles and motorbikes screaming down the road on just their back wheels.

Those trucks that don't take care and pull out in front of you causing you to slam on your brakes in desperation.

Start the revolution to make these dangers a thing of the past.

The benefits of your dash cam are second to none.

10. Is Your Car Safe From The Stupid Little Things That Others Do?

Remember the time when we knew it was safe to drive when we knew that other drivers would drive sensibly and safely when motoring was an unbridled joy?

No? Nor do I.

Sure, sometimes things are human error, some things are a lack of experience and some just downright tomfoolery.

Video evidence can turn the tide, it'll certainly contribute to a much safer commuting life!

11. Do You Make This Mistake When You're Driving?

Stop Sign

Do you accidentally forget to stop at stop signs?

No, of course, you don't, that almost never happens to any driver.

Not stopping at stop signs is preventable, dangerous, idiotic, potentially violent and common.

Changing this behavior with regard to recorded video evidence is your personal contribution to the safety of those you know and love and all other innocent bystanders.

12. There's Nothing As Strange As Folk.

It must be as plain as the nose on your face, pedestrians are so unpredictable.

A friend of mine accidentally hit a pedestrian crossing a dangerous road in a storm at night.

The psychological effect on my friend was enormous, although none of it had been his fault.

He suffered anxiety, misplaced guilt about hurting another person albeit unintentionally and developed a fear of driving.

Fortunately, both the driver and pedestrian recovered and the story ends happily. 

Not everyone is so lucky, people are hurt, some sue and lives are destroyed.

Dash cams can record everything in real time, they can help protect you from legal devastation.

13. How To Defend Your Liberty

Have you noticed yet that the police aren't always right?

While many police across the world do an honorable job, there are times they make mistakes and, unfortunately, some have been known to be dishonest.

Dash cams have the ability to record audio as well as video. If you believe you've been wrongly accused of a driving offense, not only do you have video evidence but also you can record every word that's exchanged when an officer approaches your vehicle.

There's a condition attached to this benefit though, you have to have had a dash cam installed.

14. How Smart Are You?

There's a horrific story on Quora (the question and answer website) about a police car in a high-speed chase that drives into the back of a stationary vehicle at traffic lights.

The driver of the other car was badly injured and his car severely damaged. According to the story, the police officer concerned blamed the driver of the stationary car and it was reported that he (the driver of the stationary car) had a terrible time getting compensation.

It took six months to obtain the police video footage, at least some of that heartache could have been avoided and the incident resolved quicker if the victim had had a dash cam installed 

15. How To Get Insurance Companies To Listen

In 1974 Elizabeth Loftus and John Palmer conducted The Car Crash Experiments. A number of participants were shown footage of a car accident, it was ascertained that the memories of the participants varied dramatically depending on which verbs were used in the questions they were asked about the accident.


Startling I know!

Insurance companies and even the police rely heavily on witness statements when making decisions about how to proceed. This experiment (and others, notably the Milgram Experiment and our relationship to authority figures) demonstrates that eyewitness testimony can't necessarily be considered to be watertight.

A fitted dash cam in your vehicle would remove much of the uncertainty. Potentially you could find this massively beneficial

16. The Psychology Of Crocodile Tears

Not everyone is honest as I'm sure you know, fraudsters are known to create automobile accidents to gain from your insurance.

These can range from pedestrians deliberately walking out in front of your car to other drivers deliberately manufacturing accidents and blaming you for the consequences.

It's so disturbing, isn't it?

At last, you can turn the tables on these purveyors of misery.

You know how, don't you? 

Yep, have a dash cam fitted.

17. Let Me Tell You A Story.

Story Teller

Back in the day when I was green behind the ears (to mix those charming metaphors), I bought my first car, a dazzling red Toyota Corolla. I loved it, I was so proud. Each morning I'd look out of my bedroom window and gaze on it with adoration.

Inevitably parts would wear and need replacing, at times they'd be a little 'pricey' but that was OK, it was the nature of motoring.

I had my friendly mechanic, he was almost like a friend really, maintaining my freedom and mobility, my pride and joy.

Over time, I began to notice that many of the same problems that I'd had mended would recur again, but I dismissed any suspicions as I really didn't know anything about car mechanics.

One evening, on a busy road, in the middle of a big city in rush hour I heard a loud snapping noise, my car ground to a halt, its engine seized as a result of a broken cambelt.

I was devastated and angry, I'd only had the cambelt replaced a few weeks before. I paid for my car to be towed to a nearby mechanic's garage, his diagnosis was terminal. Worse still, the substantial written report he gave me demonstrated that no real work had been done on my car over the preceding two years.

To cut a very long story short, imagine the benefits I would have received if I'd had a dash cam fitted.  Everything done to my car in that phony mechanic's shop would have been recorded on video and the audio would have saved any conversations that would have taken place.

A dash cam would have saved me thousands!

18. Why You May Not Trust Car Parking Attendants

A number of years ago on one of many trips abroad, I left my car for three weeks with a company based at the airport.

On my return, I called the company and was asked to wait twenty minutes or so until my car arrived. A few minutes after I took back custody of my motor a middle-aged couple approached me and reported that they'd seen my car being driven at a high speed and very erratically only minutes before I got it back.

Needless to say by now, if I'd had a dash cam fitted either I would have had the evidence to complain or the bad driving wouldn't have happened!

19. Worst (And Best) Feature.

And in those early years before dash cams, you'd have to rely on your limited memory to recall the vast majority of your journey.

Why is it the best feature?

Because you'll have a record of all the wonderful things you missed as you concentrated on your driving.

And why the worst?

So much of the open road is non-descript and boring.

20. Even A Monkey Could Install It.

Benefit: Easy to install.


So act right now, you've so much to gain, a brave new world!

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